About Our Society

The Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley is a non-profit educational corporation. All members that run this club are volunteers and are not paid. As a member you are expected to learn how to cut a calibrated cabochon (polished gemstone) once you join before learning other lapidary skills. When you learn how to cut a cabochon, you will learn how to use some of the shops equipment. We have professional volunteer instructors to assist you in this process every step of the way so you are not alone.

Wednesday Nights 6 - 9 p.m. are reserved for beginners so you have the shop all to yourselves to work and learn with instructors. Please make an appointment for your first instruction with the shop manager (see application). Appointments thereafter are made with the instructor.

Below is an example of the work of just one man's idle hands, and a few fossils he bought and was proud enough of to show.

This is an image of the steps it takes to take a slab of lapidary quailty rock and create your cabochon. Your instructor will show how to cab every step of the way!


Volunteer & Become Involved

Members can keep up with current events within the club by:

When you attend our shop clean ups, tailgates and other yearly socials, you will meet other members that can share helpful information on different lapidary arts. You will also have the opportunity to pick up some rock to work on at really good prices.

The History of Our Society:

The Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley was established in 1948 as a non-profit and educational organization.

Our purpose is to:

Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley – Past Presidents
2022 Neil Delfino
2019-21 Jodi Minshall
2013-18 Bonnie Andrade
2009-12 Ron Miller
2005-08 Jane Panico
2002-04 Larry Ham
2000-01 Bonnie Andrade
1999-00 Bill Collins
1998-99 Naomi Morgan
1997-98 Ron Hasemeyer
1995-96 Arland Stokes
1994-95 Howard "Doc" Buschke
1993-94 Joe Hammond
1992-93 Ednah Antunovich
1991-92 Howard "Doc" Buschke
1990-91 Joe Hammond
1989-90 Elmer Snyder
1987 Jul - 88 Arnold Barron
1986-87 Noel Zimmerman
1985-86 Jamie McDonald
1984-85 Jack De Voe
1983-84 Vic LaFollette
1982-83 Vern Korstad
1981-82 Arnold Barron
1980-81 Del Ray Johnson
1979-80 Dora Collins
1978-79 Jim Bishop
1977-78 Mike Cavalier
1976-77 Ednah Antunovich
1975-76 Allen Ashley
1974-75 Bruce Burke
1973-74 Jim Ewing
1972-73 Ray LeRay
1971-72 Louise Palmer
1970-71 Bob McTate
1969-70 Phil Clarke
1968-69 Bill Walsh
1967-68 Loren Dowell
1966-67 Aileen Bergersen
1965-66 Vernon Korstad
1964-65 Del Jones
1963-64 Lester Kent
1962-63 Bill Walker
1961-62 Henry Rose (elected)
1961-62 Bill Walker (served)
1960-61 Ben Owens
1959-60 John Names
1958-59 Jack Burris
1957-58 May Meyers
1956-57 Gus Molin
1955-56 Mrs Engbeck
1954-55 Don Mills
1952-54 Von McBride
1950-52 Al Breeden

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