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Making a Cup Coaster


  1. Draw out your design for the coaster. If you use a big cup at home, you might want to make a larger coaster size, so your slab will need to be bigger.

  2. Once you have chosen your design, square, or round, then cut it out with a trim saw. Be sure to cut it a little away from your drawing lines. I recommend using a Sharpie Marker so the shape will not wash away.

  3. Grind down the sides so they are flat and to the shape of your coaster.

  4. Once the sides are flat, then gently use the diamond wheel to round off the edge of the top of hte coaster to the side of it. This is so it will not chip away or fracture. It will also make the coaster smooth at all angles.

  5. Once you have a nice curve but a flat top, well sand at 220.

  6. Wash your stone and hands well. Then move on to 400 when all of your scratches are gone. You can ask an instructor if your ready to move to the next step.

  7. Wash again and sand at 600.

  8. After your completed with the sanding, you will have to polish your slab. Wash your ston enad your hands really really well with soap and water. We will use a polishing plate in the polishing room for this.

  9. First, scrub the polishing plate to clean it from the last use, making sure you wotn have any contamination. Then, put it on the spindle( instructor will assit you) Once you have it attached securely, we will turn the machine on. Squirt some polish on the wheel and hold the stone ontop of it. This step will take a while, but will be the most rewarding.

A good polish is when you can see the light bulb in the shine. An even better polish is when you can read the light bulb :)

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